Linda Lee Greene - Six decades of works of art in charcoal, pencil, acrylic, oil-based and water-based aints, pure oil, pure watercolor, fabrics, papers, and other dimensional objects.



Also known as Linda Greene Diez, I was born and raised in Ohio, and although I am a current resident in Columbus, Ohio, for several years I lived in New York and Florida. Much of my work is influenced by those areas of the country, as well as my travels to other locations.

Essentially I am a storyteller, and my forums are fine art, photography and writing. In large part, my time is spent capturing moments of time in my paintings and collages, or with my camera, or creating word pictures in my novels. There is something sacred about those quick glimpses of the manifest world...those steadfast monuments and ever-changing revelations of Mother Nature, those modest scenes of ordinary people at work and play and other supportive bits and pieces of their lives, those sustaining plants and animals of our planet all of which are too insignification to make the evening news, but are somehow full of wonder when portrayed on canvases and papers and boards. I'm an interior designer by profession and as such my kinship with textiles and decorative papers and other tactile objects is expressed in many of my three dimensional collages. I also receive great joy in the freedom and spontaneity of the creative process of my abstract paintings. My new loves are computer enhanced photography and computer manipulated images of my artwork.

Many of my commissioned pieces hang in numerous locations in Ohio, New York, Florida and beyond. Art shows and festivals are relatively new venues for me. From time to time, I also publish examples of my work on Facebook.

I studied art and interior design at the Columbus College of Art and Design at Columbus' Interior Design Insitute and Cultural Arts Center, as well as at many workshops in New York and Ohio.

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