Linda Lee Greene - Six decades of works of art in charcoal, pencil, acrylic, oil-based and water-based paints, pure oil, pure watercolor, fabrics, papers, and other dimensional objects.


My long journey as an artist began when as a youngster I copied the L'il Abner cartoons in the Sunday newspapers. In my young adulthood, a female's choices of lifestyles were limited to those of wife and mother, or of a teacher, or nurse, or secretary, and if she possessed a penchant toward that end, was expected to only play at her art. Nobody in my circle ever heard of Georgia O'Keeffe. I was a married woman with two young children when Women's Liberation became the issue of the day and through that influence it slowly dawned on me that I, like persons of the other gender, was born with a calling, with an obligation actually, to fully express my artistic talents. But even then I found excuse after excuse to dismiss and discount my creative side. Oh, I managed to carve out precious moments to draw and paint, but never did I allow myself to believe that anyone other than me and indulgent members of my family would want to hang my pictures on their walls.


A decade and a half later, a change in my marital status and children leaving home altered everything for me. I put myself through interior design school and took as many art classes and attended as many painting workshops as I could manage. I even made a little portfolio of my artwork and started showing it to my interior design clients, and got commissions, a lot of commissions from them to do custom artwork for their homes.

In 1992, I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, an illness that for nearly ten years too often confined me to my bed and away from my easel. However, my Muse would not be still and inspired me to write. In the year of 2000, I wrote the original draft of the murder mystery/historical novel, Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams, a manuscript that evolved into a co-authorship with Debra Shiveley Welch, and upon its release in 2006, an Amazon best-seller. My current novel, GUARDIANS AND OTHER ANGELS, categorized as a family drama/historical fiction was published in 2012 to rave reviews, and is available on Amazon. Its direct link to Amazon is here

Information about my current and future books, as well as excerpts of them, can be viewed at my books page

Not only did the turn of the century bring with it a restoration of my health with an effective treatment of my illness, as well as a literary career, but it also meant a return to my easel and a prolific time for me artistically. I was able to amass enough artwork to extend my reach to art shows and art festivals, and this web site featuring artwork from my adolescence to the present. In the course of designing this web site, I realized that I have painted my long journey. I hope when viewing my pictures, at least one of them speaks to your heart and makes you feel that in some ways you have traveled with me.